Demo Reel

This is where I’ve stored all my past works and projects. Feel free to take a look around!

A small footnote

you’ve stumbled upon my humble website! welcome.

I’ve always thought that video games, as a medium, are unquestionably unique. Nothing else can come close to the atmosphere, the level of immersion, that a great game can bring to the table. As such, it has always been a dream of mine to bring experiences such as these, to others, so they can relish in what I help create.

Video games have come along way since the days of 54 color limit on the NES. As hardware evolves, the scope of what can be feasibly made has expanded vastly. With VR, the immersion factor is dialled up to 11, allowing players to almost literally fill the boots of an entity within a 3D space around them.

And yet, there is an art to be found in working within the limitations of older hardware. Metal slug’s incredible spritework, pre-shaded lighting and unique enemy designs show that, with so little to work with, games are still capable of providing incredible experiences.

Nothing to see here…

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